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Frequently Asked Questions

Any other questions? Please reach out! I am more than happy to answer absolutely any questions to make this process easier for you!

How Do I Get Started?

The first step is to reach out so we can chat more in-depth about your project’s needs. Every project is different and custom packages are very possible. After the initial contact, we will set up a time to ask each other some questions to make sure we are a right fit. Whether we begin work right away or later in the year, to begin work and hold your spot in the line-up I require a 50% deposit. The final product will not be handed over until the remaining 50% is paid and received.

How Long Does Branding Take?

It totally depends on the scope of the project and the deliverables, but we figure out a perfect timeline that works well with both of our schedules and allows you to launch effectively. Typically, a full branding package with a website will take anywhere from 4-6 weeks. I outline the due dates for myself in a contract when you sign up with me so you always know when to be expecting things!

How Much Will Branding Cost?

I do custom quotes for each branding project to ensure a price that is fair for both parties depending on the number of deliverables and complexity of the project. Feel free to schedule a complimentary call to get a custom quote on your project.

What Do I Need Before Getting Started?

Now this depends on what package you have selected along with any a la carte options but in general, you want your copywriting finalized, your domain name bought along with the brand workbook I give you, done as well. If you are unsure about any of these or are looking for advice I am happy to help guide you through these decisions so that you can have all your ducks in a row before we dig in.

Can I Customize The Packages?

Of course! I understand that every project is one of a kind which is why I offer an a la carte option for you to tag on extras to your project. Now the base packages do stay the same even when you tack on extras, the variable is time depending on what exactly it is you are tacking on and how many.

What Are The Payment Options?

Brand and web projects require a deposit up front with a convenient monthly payment plan for your remaining balance. Payment is accepted in the form of bank transfer in in Canada or Paypal from other countries. 

Do I Own The Material When We Are Done?

You do indeed! Whether it’s a gallery of product photography or entire brand identity. You are the proud owner at the end of it all when the files are handed over.

What Are The Payment Options?

This will entirely depend on the project type as well as my current availability. I only take a handful of projects at a time, because I like to focus on each individually. I get booked months in advance, so I highly recommend getting in touch as soon as you can & reserving your spot in my calendar!