How to create a beautiful & strategic brand identity for your business

When it comes to building a brand for your business, it can be tough to figure out where to start. You want it to be beautiful and purposeful that speaks to your audience. I know it is overwhelming when you are starting your new business because there are so many things to consider before you can start to launch your product and services. 

Your brand is so much more than a logo, it has your voice and personality to your business. The first thing a consumer/audience sees is the visual representation of your offering. So what are the first things you should do before launching your new venture?

Let’s not get too overwhelmed and follow these 5 simple steps to get your brand to check in order.

1. Know your competitors

Research! Research Research! I just can not stop emphasizing on it, as it is one of the most important aspects of your brand without it you won’t have solid grounds for your product or your services. There are two kinds of research you need to do 

  1. Know your competitors inside and out. Answer these following questions   
  • What are they doing in terms of their branding?
  • What is their product niche?
  • What makes them so apart?
  • How connected are they with consumers/audience

2. Your consumer/audience ( that will be covered in step 3) 

2. Have a concise brand message

Once you have gone through your competitors’ research, now look at your own business offerings and try to answer these questions. 

  • What are your services and products
  • How are they going to help people
  • What problem do they solve
  • What sets you apart from your competition

Every business should begin to build a brand around being known for something fairly specific. Make sure your answers are concise and short. That way you will get your brand message clearer.

3. Know your audience

Now it comes to narrowing it to down to your target market. Sometimes you think you know your audience and you end making assumptions for their likes and dislikes. You should do research on your target market by doing a survey and asking questions that way you get to know more insight that could help you with your branding and later on with you SEO. You should answer these questions to discover your niche.

  • Who is going to use your services?
  • What age is your business catering to?
  • Are they in school or working?
  • Is your business gender specific?
  • Are you targeting locals or worldwide?

Get your target market specific so it will be easy for you to get out there and sell specifically to those people and you will know where to find them.

4.Define your brand personality

Here comes the fun part, here we will figure out your brand personality and vibe that you want to communicate to your audience. The tone sets the foundation for everything in your business. Some brands are playful. Some are particularly masculine or feminine. Some are cool, smooth and modern. Some are professional, polished and educational.

When I talk about ‘tone’, means what kind of feelings you want your audience to remember? If you want them to feel inspired, then your tone might be inspirational. If you want them to feel grounded, then your tone might be calming. If you want them to feel hopeful, then your tone might be optimistic. See how this works?

Now jot down some pointers of what kind of personality you want to give to your brand.

The best way to find YOUR vibe is making a Pinterest board and pin what you think defines your brand and its values. You will be shocked to see how it can visually show you about brand personality so easily.

5. Start designing your brand identity

Once you have mastered your brand values, now is the time to make your brand look visually appealing. Think about whether your logo, colour scheme, font choices, website, social media profiles etc. all represent a visual identity you are striving for.

If you want more support, feel free to contact me and start to take the small steps towards a solid, clear and concise brand for your business!

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