The Last Stitch is a resource for teaching professional skills in a non intimidating and encouraging manner. The Last Stitch wants to be a profilic sewing teacher both online, offline and by publishing teaching books. Create a timeless and fusion of contemporary and vintage garments. And grow their Youtube channel in top 10 of the sewing category.

Johanna was looking for consistent visual branding for her business where all her categories are cohesive. She wanted something bright, vibrant and fun but it should have a hint of professionalism and sophistication in the branding.

I wanted to play with the size of the words to bring the imbalance balanced. Just like when you are sewing different sizes of clothes to make one garment. I wanted to play with different sizes of word to be fit in a rectangle form. I went with a san serif font which is not too straight and not too round on the edges to show the organic side of the business, which is teaching

Shayde Beauty is a vegan beauty brand started in 2018 focusing on diversity, inclusivity, and normalization in the beauty industry. They believe in transparency when it comes to knowing what is in our products and strongly feel that ingredients should be natural and clearly identifiable. Shayde Beauty is a 100% cruelty free brand with no animal testing, vegan. Shayde Beauty, believes in creating essential products for everyday women that will make you feel empowered to conquer every obstacle in your path and make the impossible possible.

Their mission is to create change in the beauty industry by showcasing women from all ethnicities, focusing on different skin tones.
I went with a stand alone typeface gives out the feeling of strong, bold and ambitious brand visually. A simple minimal thin san serif typeface is used in the logo to represent the diversity of the product and their values that can morph into any personality. Having black and white as the primary brand colors focuses on how the brand can cater to diverse target market keeping it sophisticated, luxurious and empowering

Seaflora Skincare harvests ocean mud, seaweeds, sea water and sea salts and uses them to manufacture professional thalassotherapy products for high end spas. All of our products start with a base of 100% raw, organic, wild harvested seaweed. 

I had the opportunity to help them with their re- branding and brand guidelines. The problem they were having was that people were reading their logo as two words as Sea and Flora however it is one word Seaflora. I didn't want to completely step away from their visual identity as they were already well established but I wanted to help them solve their problem and I bring consistency in their branding. Thus we decided to go as simple type face with one solid color to help people to understand that it is one word.

I have worked on multiple projects for this brand from website redesigning to catalogue designing to pattern making. The projects briefs have been challenging but also at the same time I look forward to it as I love solving the problems and getting the best out come for the challenges I come across.

This is a passion project I did for a hypothetical skincare branding. It was fun coming up with a sleek, sophisticated and feminine brand. I went with a serif font for a logo mark as I wanted to show sophistication for a target market of females age 26 + thus I didn't want to go towards more girly but a mature woman who loves doing makeup and taking care of their skin in their everyday busy day.

Swegg is one of Windsor's printing/merchandise firm. I came up with their logo and brand identity. Which was bold and colourful, their whole concept was that they print everything so I made sure that the logo can be incorporated in each and every colour available on this planet. 

The Experience

01. Reach Out

If you have a service package in mind or if you need help figuring out what the best option for you is, reach out and we can chat about your needs before making any decisions.

02. Make It Official

Before starting, I’ll send you personalized contract agreement covering everything that will be included in your investment along with an invoice for a deposit on your project.

03. Meet Up

Your project kicks off with a discovery meeting to learn more about you and your business. This is your chance to share your ideas & help me get to know you better.

04. Strategy

Working together, we’ll distill a plan that covers all the important information that will need to be included in your designs to ensure we’re meeting your goals.

05. Design & Development

Using best practices & industry standards, I’ll get busy on translating your ideas and business into designs that both you and your customers will love.

06. Launch

Once you’re totally smitten with your designs, I’ll provide you with all the tools and resources you need to share them with the world & start attracting your ideal clients.